I believe that careful attention to process will promote productivity

My name is Lana, downtown Toronto-based Interactive Designer with more than 5 years of working experience in a creative environment, who assists in the various creative projects, including digital, creative visual design, interface design, illustrations, vector graphics and technical languages.

I've completed three year Web Design and Interactive Media program. My background includes a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies — Critical Theory and Analysis, along with Fine Art.

Visual communication

I possess a strong ability to communicate visually through storyboards, sketches, moodboards, and mock-ups. Being very detail oriented, I pay close attention to each individual pixel. I am fond of playing with colour, and select my colour palettes with great care.

Spending a lot of time on wireframing and workflows is important to me, because I believe that careful attention to process will promote productivity and enhance the success of the project.

I make use of the Adobe Creative Suite, Axure Pro, and other professional tools on the Macintosh platform.